For the first week’s assignment, we’ve got two pieces for you, both are meant to help solidify type anatomy in your head!

First, there’s a worksheet. It has almost all of the anatomic units (Hook is left off) at the top, with the labels below. Just fill in the numbers next to the labels, scan it, and upload it. I threw in a trick or two, so if you get stumped—it might be on purpose. Not all the numbers are used!

Here’s the worksheet.

The second part is more creative: find two fonts that look similar, then point out differences, using the anatomic units. For example, you could look at Helvetica and Arial and point out the differences in Shoulders and Terminals. Once you’ve done this with one pair, find a second pair and go through the exercise again. This is meant to sharpen your eye to these tiny design details. For your upload, you can create a word document with the fonts and your notes, or print out a word in each font, make notes on it, scan it, and upload it. Whatever you think is best.